Relying on a Third-Party to Build Your Application

ProTube, a popular YouTube alternative application with extra useful features, announced todaythat it was removed from the App Store after multiple requests from YouTube

As a consumer and developer of software, I’ve always been weary of spending money on applications that rely on a third party for the majority of their functionality.

Ever since Twitter U-Turned on third-party developers by severely restricting their API usage, much to the outrage of the developer community, I learnt not to build or purchase any applications built on top of a third-party that paying them to build applications on top of their stack (free API or not) isn’t their primary or intended use case.

It seems ProTube learnt that lesson the hard way today, which is a shame because everything I’ve heard about the app was positive, and the developer seems like a nice person, too.

I just couldn’t justify purchasing something I normally wouldn’t think twice about because I thought YouTube would come for it sooner, rather than later.

It looks like Jonas agrees:

I don’t know what my next project will be (although I can say it will not be an app that depends on a third party 😑)

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